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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Easy Aprons

DD1's Butterick apron
 My older dd is away at college and I wanted to make her an apron.  I'm not sure why.  She hadn't asked for one.  And she doesn't cook.  Maybe I thought an apron would help her become more interested in cooking?
I made her an apron from some scrap green check fabric a couple of months ago.  She wasn't here so the only adult sized body I had to model it after was mine.  Let's just say that didn't work out very well because my size is considerably larger than hers.  So I tried again.  That too, was too big.  I wasn't going to be defeated.  So I bought (gasp!) a pattern.  Aside from the fact that the teapots are sideways, it is cute!  I'll let you know if she starts cooking.

 So of course, the little one wanted an apron, as well.  I didn't need to buy a pattern because I had her little body here to measure anytime I needed to do so.
Michael Miller fabrics used on both aprons
 I used three different fabrics on the smaller apron.  The ruffles are a cute sprinkle fabric.  The lining fabric has cupcakes and both coordinate with the yummy ice cream fabric.

Dd2 saw me using the scraps from dd1's apron to make a potholder and wondered where her potholder was?  She noted that there were a lot of scraps left over from her apron and I could make her Several potholders, if I was so inclined.
The first (too big) apron for dd1

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