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Thursday, December 1, 2011

31 Days of December - Smash Book Type Journal

Mini book created with Silhouette Cameo

This little journal/scrapbook is for my seven year old daughter to record her December activities.  If she isn't sure what she wants to write about she can copy the corresponding item from the list at the bottom of this post for that particular day. Or she can write about something from her Countdown to Christmas/Advent Calendar. (Post with that list is here.)  Or she can write about something entirely different. It is hers to do as she wants.  She loves paper crafting and will do a job for which she will be proud.

We do "homeschooling light" in December. This gives us the opportunity to really enjoy this time of year and not feel so stressed about all the the things we want to do versus the things we Need To Do.

It is important for my dd to continue with some subjects, but we change it up a bit to make it fun and tie in with what we are doing.  This year she wants to celebrate Hanukkah.  Since we are not Jewish, we will spend some time learning about the holiday. We'll enjoy making crafts and foods to correspond with the holiday, too.

In a previous post I showed an activity board that I made.  We are using the board for this project.  Here is a picture of some of the little bags hanging with clothespins on baker's twine.

Original post explaining the bags here
Each little bag was filled with one of the following activities for my dd to do on the corresponding date.  For numbers 26-31, the suggested activity was placed in a box that corresponds to a day of the week. These are boxes that we have and sporadically use for homeschooling.
Day 1 = Assemble 31 Days of December Book
Day 2 = Paint a menorah (using handprints on paper)
Day 3 - Choose a recipe and make shopping list for the ingredients
Day 4 - Make and address Christmas cards
Day 5 - Paper craft
Day 6 - Make an apron
Day 7 - Glitter a pine cone
Day 8 - Make snowballs
Day 9 - Observe weather changes
Day 10 - Make a packing list
Day 11 - Find license plates from different places (we are going on a road trip)
Day 12 - Visit a wild animal (one in captivity, as we are going to the zoo - not the wild)
Day 13 - See a whale (Sea World)
Day 14 - Go on a safari (make believe at the safari park)
Day 15 - Hangout at the beach
What is the difference between Southern California and Southern Arizona
Day 17 - Alphabetical Order Game on the road

Family Time
Day 19 - Make a dreidel
Day 20 - Light the menorah
Day 21 - Make latkes
Day 22- Make a Hanukkah craft
Day 23 - Draw a self-portrait
Day 24 - Make Mandelbrot
Day 25 - Merry Christmas!
Day 26 - Play a Hanukkah song
Day 27 - Read Hanukkah stories
Day 28 - Sew something
Day 29 - Paint
Day 30 - Craft
Day 31 - Make something in the Babycakes book
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