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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Finished Some Fabric Projects - Chair Cushions and a Quillow

Cushion Covers For Patio Furniture
 Last week I finally started and finished some projects that have been on my 'to-do' list for a very long time.  Somehow, the cushions, for the chair pictured above, disappeared. It is a mystery as to where they went.  About three years ago I bought some outdoor fabric from JoAnn's to make new ones.  It has taken me this long to buy the foam and actually get this project finished.  I found a wonderful tutorial online that I used to get the basics of what needed to be done.  This tutorial shows how to cover small cushions with a handle. Mine do not have a handle and are much larger, but the idea is the same.

Quillow as a Pillow
 The fabric above also came from JoAnn's.  But it is even older than the outdoor fabric!  It was/is for a quillow for my nephew.  A quillow is a small quilt that folds into an attached pocket to make a pillow.

Unfolded Quillow Showing the Backside Pocket
 This is an easy project to make in an afternoon.  (I know!  What took me so long!)  There are two pieces of fabric and one piece of very thick poly batting 2 1/2 yds each.  Cut off a piece of each so that all the pieces are 2 yards long.  From each of the remnants, cut as large a square as you are able.  But all the same size. One of my fabrics shrank more than the other, so I ended up with about a 16" square.  Place the right sides together with the batting square on top.  Sew around the outside, leaving a section open in order to turn the sandwich inside out.  I used a 1/2" seam and trimmed the corners. I then topstitched around the edge, which closed up the open section.
Finished Quillow Measures Approximately 71" x 42"
 The process to make the quilt part is the same.  After the sandwich is completed, place the pillow sandwich on the backside of the quilt and position it in the lower center.  Sew around three sides leaving an opening at the top.  Use a walking foot and channel quilt the length of the quilt into thirds.  It makes it easier to fold the quillow if the quilting is aligned with the sewing lines that attach the pillow pocket.  Some people like to stick their feet into the pocket, which may help to explain the orientation of the opening of the pocket.
Folding the Quillow Into A Pillow
To fold the quilt so that it easily fits into it's pocket, fold it in thirds lengthwise.  Tuck it into the pocket and flip the inside of the pocket to the outside as you are stuffing the pocket.  Once you do it a couple of times, it isn't as confusing as it sounds.

It is so nice to be able to complete some of the things that I have needed to do!

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