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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Art Journal Entry - Working Through "Stuff"

White Denim Base With Gesso
 Last weekend, my family went to California to pay our last respects to my 56 year old cousin and share in her family's grief. Eight years ago she found out that she had cancer. During that time she celebrated many wonderful things.  She re-married, became a grandmother, witnessed one of her children graduating college and one graduating high school. She laughed and told jokes as she always had.

Tulle Wings and Ribbon Scarf
 I am not sure that her faith deepened so much as it was cemented even more firmly in her soul.  Her church family continued to grow.  The lives that she touched continued to feel her generosity.

Faber Castell Pitt Pen and HP Printed Text
 When I came home, I knew that I needed to process some of what I was feeling about this remarkable woman.  The part that kept coming back to me, more strongly than any other, was her indomitable faith.  Debbi was a very happy person who brought good humor and positive energy to any occasion. It was odd to be at a memorial service for someone who was so Full of Life.  It seemed surreal.

The Last Line From the Lord's Prayer
 This page is of a woman facing away from us.  Maybe looking into the light of what is to come.  She is wearing a scarf, with no hair underneath.  She sort of has wings.   Her denim skirt is simple and worn. The crocheted "belt" was made by my 7-year old daughter.  As was her paper shirt under the tulle wings.

Homemade Fabric Art Journal - Work In Progress
I was unable to work on anything else this week until I completed this page.  At least completed to this point.  Possibly more things will be added later, but it feels finished to me now.  The book is a work in progress and  I do not really know what direction it will take.

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  1. Beverly, I am so sorry for your lost. I don't know your cousin, but from what you wrote, it seem to me that her faith and love for life is what keep her going and knowing that so many love her made it all possible and knowing that there where so many needing her love too is gave her peace. Her memory will always be with all that knew her. I think your drawing and art work is beautiful and is perfect just the way you finish it. God Bless

    1. Thank you very much for your sweet and kind words. I appreciate it. Beverly