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Friday, July 31, 2015

Chipboard Album Kits - Owls

I am always looking for cute mini albums that are easy to make but still have a wow or Awww factor.  These adorable chipboard owls do that and are inexpensive to boot!  Each of them comes with a front cover with an owl shaped edge, 4 inside pages in different fun shapes, a back cover that measures about 8 1/2" wide, and the various die-cut pieces to personalize an owl for your book.  Each of the book pages and covers are 5 3/4" high.  They can be bound in a variety of ways; coil bound, book rings, ribbon, binding tape, etc.  The chipboard is acid-free and cut in the USA.

 The owl sets have a minimum of 15 pieces of ready-to-decorate chipboard (covers, pages and owl) pieces.  Each set is $4.95 and shipping is a flat rate of $5.75 in the USA. There is no limit to how many you can purchase for the flat-rate shipping price!

 Owl #1 has an entire post devoted to it here.  The post shows the mini album with lots of pictures, journaling and ideas for completing your own wonderful mini-book using the chipboard pieces.
 Owls 1 and 2 come with black chipboard pupils.  Owl 2 has a black beak, also.  She/he is a sort of sideways facing owl.  But since owl's heads can turn almost all the way around (just kidding, it is something like 270 degrees) you have to look at the wing placement on this owl to realize it is a sideways owl.

 The main differences between the sets are the different interior pages and the owl's eyes, wings, and feathers.  You can buy more than one set to mix and match the way you like your owl best!

 You may want more pages for your album. I've got you covered my friend!   A bonus kit with eight shaped pages!  Take a couple of pages from this kit to enhance your owl book or use it as a stand-alone mini-album.  Don't you love having choices? And the really totally cool, awesome thing about this bonus book - add-on, is that it, too, is only $4.95 and ships for the same flat-rate shipping.

Enjoy creating your own mini-albums. Just the way you want them.

Please purchase your books through PayPal below.  Thank you!

Choose the style in the drop down menu that you would like and then click on the picture of the owl underneath to go to PayPal.

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