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Sunday, December 4, 2011

3-D Ornament From Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge - Version 2 Patterned Paper

This ornament is very similar to the one posted here yesterday.  I doubled the number of shapes cut, which made it a lot fuller.  If I make another one, I would probably make it with 8 or 9 cuts instead of 12. It got a little harder to manage the gluing as the number of pieces grew.  It was still do-able, but an extra hand or two would have come in handy to hold everything together!  The good thing about all that glue is that it makes for a very sturdy ornament!

Adhesive backed pearls used on the spokes to add a little texture
The ornament I showed yesterday had glitter glue on it.  I wanted this one to not be sparkly, but still have a bit of glam, so I opted for pearls.    It would be easy to get carried away with adding the pearls, so it is good that I ran out!  Actually, when I get some more, I'll probably put more on.  For each pearl, it really becomes 24 because of the double-sided nature of each spoke.

Snowflakes cut from two different CTMH B & T papers
The shapes were cut at 4 inches.  After folding each flake in half, one half was glued to the back of two of the alternating paper.  Then those two halves were glued to the backs of the other color and so on.  Before gluing it as one big ball, I ran a piece of organdy ribbon down through the center for the loop.

The organdy ribbon is hard to see, but I like the effect of using something that doesn't draw attention away from the ornament.

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