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Friday, June 7, 2019

Playmat Quilt For Amelia's Car

Last summer, I bought an adorable handmade wood car for my newborn granddaughter at an art fair. I've had nearly a year to plan a quilted playmat for her. It is embarrassing to say that I didn't actually start it until last week. In my defense, my sewing machine and most of my other crafty stuff have been inaccessible up until very recently. So here it finally is, in time for her first birthday! A playmat quilt for Amelia's car:

Let me apologize for not having a fabulous picture. It is hard to photograph something that is 5 1/2 feet by 5 feet and get all of the detail. In order to make up for quality pictures, I have opted for quantity. 

When I saw Accuquilt's Go! Cute Car die, I hoped it would be close enough in scale to work with the wood car.  Then I saw that they sold digitized designs to make the applique even cuter and more versatile. That was what sold me on getting the die for this project.  It would save me an incredible amount of time!
There are more digitized designs available that are not on the quilt. I bought nine of the embroidery designs and added one extra Star Wars themed car made from scraps leftover from another project.
In lieu of attaching a  quilt label, I sewed directly onto the backing fabric. This was very easy using the built-in alphabet stitches on my sewing machine. 

This quilt was made entirely with scraps from my stash. Including the batting! I pieced the batting together by zigzag stitching four smaller pieces. This quilt will hopefully get thrown on the floor and used. If it gets taken on picnics or to the beach, all the better. It didn't make sense to purchase new fabric for something that I hope shows a lot of wear in a few years.

Playmat Quilt for Amelia's Car with a Star Wars Tie-in
The cute pink traffic cones came from Target. If she brings her quilted playmat to my house, we will make buildings out of boxes or other things from around the house.
This isn't the type of thing I usually make, but it was fun to do. I sketched it on graph paper and then drew it up in EQ8.  And then revised it as I was making it. Tonight, I am flying to Tucson for the birthday party. Hopefully, we will get to play with her new car before I have to come back home.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Accuquilt Dynamic Promo

Sunday, May 26, 2019

First Scrapbook Layout in Years

12 x 12 Scrapbook Layout
It is true! I haven't done a scrapbook layout in years.  Because there were a million leftover hearts from all of the cards made this past week, I decided to use them on a layout.  The cards can be seen here, here, and here.  The Radial Hearts die cut a nice selection of different sized hearts. It would have been a shame to waste them. This used about one-fifth of the die-cut pieces. The currently available supplies that I used are linked below. There is a coupon offer going on through Monday which will save you 5% - use code MEMSAVE19 if you go shopping.

Enroll Today!

Also, if you have some spare time this weekend, you might want to check out one of the free classes that offers on their website.
I hope that you have a safe and peaceful holiday weekend as we remember those that served and gave their all for our country.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Gender Neutral Cards with Altenew's Radial Hearts

I don't know why hearts are always considered "female" in design.  Guys have them, too.  When someone uses the term "masculine" in design, it seems as though it is leaving out females who do not care for frilly or blingy things. So in the spirit of including everyone's aesthetic, I am calling these "Gender Neutral Cards."  Yes, there are still hearts involved because I used Altenew's Radial Hearts cover die.
Can you see the Simple Alpha "hi" in the corner?

These were all very easy and quick to make. The hearts from the first card were stacked and glued onto the second card.  In the lower right-hand corner the word "hi" is barely noticeable. Subtle and simple is what this card is about.
The next card was watercolor/grunge inspired. I applied five colors of Distress Oxide onto white cardstock and then wet it.  The Radial Hearts die cut image, a butterfly, and sentiment are layered on top. This was easy and fun to make.

Blue and Green Distress Oxide Inks
A little spritz of glitter mist on top
 I can not help myself. There was one more blingy card leftover on my phone that should have gone in yesterday's post.  So here it is, in case anyone wants to see another mailable, very easy-to-make card. To finish off the Radial Hearts theme, later this week I hope to have a scrapbook page and video showing how to do the glitter part of yesterday's cards.  Supplies that are currently available are posted below. The rest came from my stash. Thank you for visiting!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Radial Hearts and Lots of Glitter

Altenew Radial Hearts and Simple Alphabet Wafer-thin Dies
When I first saw this die, I knew that glitter was soon going to end up on my floor, face, dog, etc. That is because it is the perfect die-cut image for a glittery background! In keeping with my recent goal of trying to use what I have and also have fun with some new things, the 16 bottles of ancient Martha Stewart glitter (sitting in a dark cupboard) came to mind. Which is why Radial Hearts and Lots of Glitter is a perfect match and the name of this post.

Aside from glitter sticking to everything in the house, it is also hard to scan and photograph. I wanted to show the yummy colors of the glitter so I took pictures and also scanned the cards.  The photographs do a better job of showing the shimmery sparkle. Whereas, the scans are better at showing the actual colors.  Even though it is strange to see pictures of the same subject in different lighting, that is why they are included.
Card scanned to show the color variations of the glitter
This is why the next photos are also dark and light.  The one on the left is a photograph taken with a phone. It shows the depth achieved with simple layering of blue over white cardstock, with the glitter adhered in each heart.  Whereas, the picture on the right is a scan to show the entire card and the different colors of glitter.

The two pictures posted below were taken with a phone.  They don't show the intensity of the red glitter paper.  However, they make up for it by showing the depth achieved with foam tape to pop up the white die cut image of Radial Hearts. This, in turn, was adhered to a kraft cardstock card base.

Lastly, the scanned card below was included to show that butterflies always look good when glittered on paper projects.

Altenew dies and stamped image from Beautiful day
Most of the supplies are from my stash.  The butterflies are from a retired Spellbinders set. The only new things are the Altenew dies and stamp set listed below and 4" wide double-sided adhesive.
Thank you for visiting today!

Monday, May 20, 2019

New Toys With Old Supplies - Altenew Radial Hearts Cover Die

Altenew Die Used to Emboss and Deboss Cardstock
The internet knows when I have been shopping. Every time I click on a news site or to enter the HGTV Dream House giveaway, there are advertisements for new and wonderful products that the internet thinks I should buy.  So I caved and bought some new toys. But, I am going to use them with old supplies.  That is how I sorta, kinda justified buying some Altenew and Lawn Fawn dies.

One of the things I discovered as I was playing with the new toys is that I could emboss and deboss the design for a really fun effect.  This is an added bonus to the intended purpose.  After embossing the pink shape, I cut a scalloped heart using's Umbrella Crafts nested die. The "Hello" was cut twice. Once with white cardstock and once on black with a double-sided adhesive so that glitter would stick to it. The card top is popped off the base with dimensional foam tape.
Pictured below are two cards side-by-side to illustrate the die cut versus the embossing/debossing.  The "hugs" card is a super simple card to make!  It is glitter paper cut with the cover die and layered on white cardstock. So pretty with almost no effort!

Altenew Radial Hearts Cover Die Used in Different Ways
 The tiny white hearts are leftovers from another card that I will post later this week. The "hugs" die is from Lawn Fawn. I cut it out twice using kraft and white cardstock to give it a little more depth.

Lawn Fawn "hugs" die cut twice and offset a wee bit
The red glitter paper is from my stash. It is awesome because it doesn't flake!  Glitter is one of those things that gets everywhere and is difficult to corral. This paper is nice because it didn't add to the mess and still has lots of shimmer and shine.

Thanks for stopping by today! I will have more projects made with this and other dies later this week.
Here is a list of supplies of currently available items if you are interested in going shopping, too!  There is no additional cost to you, they are listed here as a convenience.

Clear Double Sided Adhesive Roll - 4 Inch x 81 Feet - 1 Roll
Sizzix has a newer version of the Vagabond. I use the old one. The new one has metal parts inside and will stop if you try to overload it.