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Monday, July 16, 2012

Artiste File Box and Folder

Cut from CTMH Cricut Artiste Accent 3 on Page 47

 The new Cricut Artiste Cartridge will be released in a couple of weeks so I am trying to cut as many things as possible beforehand to be able to answer questions about it!  This is the Dotty paper from the National Scrapbooking promotion in May.  It made such a cute miniature magazine holder/file folder box!  It is 6 inches tall at the highest point and 4 3/4" deep.  The file folder (Accent 2) is a perfect fit at 5" by 4 1/2" (when folded and measured at the tab.)

Cut at 6 Inches - Standard 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" Cards Fit Perfectly

I cut the label holder at 1/2" (Accent 4 on page 47.)  After realizing the size of this adorable holder, I decided to make a set of  six different cards to go inside.  They were all made with the Artiste Collection.  I will post those on Wednesday.  But here is a sneak peak of one of them:

Owl From Cricut Artiste and CTMH Pearl Opaque Gems

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  1. Love your card holder and your cards!
    Could you share the measurement for the card holder? I would love to try and "scraplift" your idea!
    Thanks so much

    1. Thank you! I cut the box at 6 inches. It is actually two pieces that fit together (both are Accent 3, one with the shift key.) They are both cut at 6". The cartridge comes with a separate handbook that shows assembling pictures. There is a number next to each 3D item and that corresponds to the page number in the Assembly handbook. This one can be found on page 18 of the Assembly book.
      Thank you so much for the question because I am sure others have it, too! Beverly

  2. Can this be made larger? Actually, a lot larger? I'm a teacher and use those magazine holder boxes a lot and thought it'd make a great project for my students to decorate at the beginning of the year.

    I JUST got the Art Philosophy cartridge from my CTMH Consultant and I wish I would have ordered this instead! I'm wondering if I can justify another $100 for the Artiste cart too!

    1. Ashley Marie,
      How much larger do you want to make it? I can try turning it in the software that I have and let you know how big it can be made with a 24" mat. If you would like to email me directly, please do so:

  3. This is really cute! I love the design of the file box and folders, especially the owl! I think that this is a really cute way of organizing your files. I should do this to encourage the kids to sort out their papers at least.

    Ruby Badcoe