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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Quilt Roundup

Blue and White Quilt
I haven't been doing very many paper related projects and quilts take a lot more time before there is anything to show!  This is part of the reason for the gap in my posting. It has been difficult to find a good place to take pictures of the quilts I've made.  But I wanted to share what I have been up to for the last several months. Here are the quilts that I've finished over the last few months.

Disappearing 9-Patch
 All of these were started before 2005 except for the one made completely of leftover scraps shown below (with the dog.)

"Free Quilt" made out of leftovers from previous projects.
 I used a fleece blanket from Target for the backing and did not use any batting.  It makes a nice couch cover for dirty paws.

This Halloween quilt protects the piano from the cat. :-)

 The quilt below is from the book Candy Coated Christmas by Lynette Jensen.

Snowflake - Thimbleberries pattern

My current project is a new quilt to go with my daughter's freshly painted bedroom:

Black, white and aqua-green striped bedroom

I designed a quilt using EQ7 and hope it turns out the way she and I want!  It should be done by the end of the month. Stay tuned... :-)

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Perpetual Calendar with Leftover Embellishments

Most of us have leftover bits and bobs from previous projects.  Items that are too nice to throw away but too few to use on a new layout or set of greeting cards.  Maybe because Christmas was still on my mind, I was thinking about ornaments.  Or maybe I just like dangly things that sparkle.  Regardless, I knew I was going to make something three-dimensional and practical the next time I played with my stash of stuff.

I have been wanting to make a new perpetual calendar for awhile and finally decided to start the New Year with one. It met the criteria of useful with ornament-like attributes.

This is super simple and did not cost me anything since I already had everything!  I love free projects!

The frame came from CTMH. It would be easy to make one, though.  A picture frame and some wire and some way to secure it and voila!  The little hooks to hang each of the dates are from Oriental Trading.  They are called "Artist Safety Pins".  However, it would be easy to just use some wire to make a loop. Or yarn, string, floss, thread, etc., would work as well.  If you have lots of eyelets lying around you might use those up to add stability to the hole.

If I did not already have a frame, I would have used a piece of wood and arranged nails on it in a grid to hang the ornament/dates.

If you decide to make one, I would love to see it! 
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