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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Joy =

12 x 12 Traditional Layout
 Joy means many things to me.  But the first thing that ALWAYS comes to my mind when I think of how Joy FEELS is this:
My blessings are plentiful!
 Joy = Receiving a hug from a child I was told I could never have.  My two children are 15 years apart in age.  When I was 42, I found out that I was going to have another chance at being a mom again.  It was a high risk pregnancy and my dd2 suffered from many medical issues after a normal birth.  The first few years of her life were not easy for her.  Maybe that is why her frequent and enthusiastic hugs are so cherished?  No, all hugs are cherished no matter what your child has been through.

Silhouette Cameo Cute Bird
 This happy page is all about the special hugs I am fortunate to receive every single day.  When there are more than just two of us at home, she asks for a "Family Hug".  The uninitiated may find that a little bit odd, but they soon realize that for dd2, everyone becomes family fairly quickly.  She loves group - "Family Hugs".

Hugs to you and may your life be filled with Joy!

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