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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Polished Stone Technique - CTMH Inks

CTMH Thanks Stamped with CTMH Black Archival Ink
 Background Technique Week continues with a third variation of the Polished Stone Technique.  Here is a video recap of the different materials and a quick demonstration of the technique using cotton balls and CTMH reinkers:

The reason why glossy paper works well for this technique is that the liquid needs to stay on top of the paper for as long as possible so that it can be moved around.  Some applicators work better than others for dispersing the ink and blending solutions. One of my favorites is cotton balls because they hold the liquid well and are inexpensive.  You can also try sponges, rags, q-tips and see what works best for you.  With the other applicators you may get a different look than polished stone, but it can still be pretty spectacular in appearance.
Polished Stone Technique with CTMH Juniper, Sky and Lagoon Reinkers
I tried using the silver metallic marker from CTMH on the piece above and discovered that the ink would not blend.  Good to know that it is a great medium for a permanent application.

Hambly Studios Washi Tape Toned Down the Intensity of the Pink Cardstock
The last picture is to show that the washi tape really changed the tone of the front.  The pink of the cardstock  is very bright.  Depending on the recipient, it may need a neutral mat added to the inside for the message and signature.


  1. The CTMH sheets look like Asian wallpaper. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Jim,
      It does look like wallpaper! I never thought of that. Thank you for visiting! Beverly