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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ribbon Storage

Ribbon on a pant hanger up close
 It seems like I am always looking at different ways to store my scrapbooking/stamping stuff.  I've used so many different types of storage systems over the years and have finally realized that no One thing works perfectly for me.  All of the systems have pros and cons.  These are the things that I am currently using and they don't drive me crazy!  So I'm happy with them. :-)

I love the way the lazy Susan Ribbon organizer looks when it is tidy.
 The wooden organizer with dowels was inexpensive (from Oriental Trading, I think) but it drove me nuts to use because the ribbons came undone constantly,  I tried putting a little piece of tape on the ends of each ribbon to hold it in place. That worked ok until the ribbon had been used enough so that it was hard to reach into the spool to apply the tape.  Now I use tiny applique pins to keep the ribbon from unfurling.

It will take a lifetime to go through this much baker's twine!
The photo with the wooden ribbon organizer shows a jar with lots of ribbons rolled onto clothespins.  This system works well for smallish lengths of ribbon.  It looks pretty and is fairly easy to access the desired ribbon.  Sort of hidden behind that jar is the bakers twine and a hodgepodge/junk jar. The junk jar has scraps of ribbon and odd bits of other stuff.

5 Tier Hangers hung behind door

Cards hanging from clips on bottom of 5 tier hanger

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