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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Free Shipping on CTMH Orders! And a FREE new Idea Book! And a FREE Stamp set in August with Purchase.

*****This promotion has now ended. ***** 
Hello Friends!

This is the first time I've offered a discount through my CTMH website! I will pay for your FedEx SmartPost shipping for any order with a minimum $50 purchase through July 31, 2014.  The $50 retail purchase is prior to tax and shipping charges.

Choose FedEx Smart Post for a full rebate for FREE Shipping!

 This is a sale that is exclusive to my website and is only available through me.  As I don't have access to CTMH's secure server or customer credit card information, I can only offer FREE Shipping as a rebate after the order is placed and processed through CTMH.  Once your order is shipped I will issue a refund through PayPal or send you a check.  Whichever way you prefer. No pesky rebate forms to fill out or receipts to submit.
Make sure you are shopping at my website for this deal.

If you opt for a different shipping method, I will refund you the amount that FedEx Smart Post would have cost ($4.95 or 4.95% - whichever is greater.)  Please remember that this offer is good for any $50 minimum product purchase placed through my website.  You'll automatically be added to the "August Party".  Please don't "leave" the party; it won't affect your shipping time.

But wait, there's more!  With any $75 purchase, I will send you the new Annual Inspirations Idea Book and Catalog.  This is a retail value of $6.00 - plus the shipping and handling will be paid by me.

Also, ANY order, regardless of size, will receive a coupon emailed to you good for a free stamp set with an August, 2014 purchase.  The stamp set value will be determined by the purchase amount of the August purchase.

This is all new to me, so please let me know if you have any questions. Please contact me via email at

Thank you very much for your business. I appreciate it and that is why I am offering these specials. :-)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Base & Bling - Not Just Jewelry - Video Tutorial

Hello!  I got sidetracked with the excitement of new products coming out from CTMH, so this video was set on the back burner for a bit... I am sorry if you were one of the people requesting it and had to wait!
 Here are a number of pictures from CTMH that show the Base & Bling products and how they were used by CTMH's design staff for the Idea Book.

They are lovely.  However, it is nice to be able to use up the remaining items for other projects or to come up with one's own way of personalizing things.
This video shows how to use the products in the intended way and a few not-necessarily-intended ways.

Here are a few of my projects from the video:
My Crush Book Charm

CTMH Base & Bling Storyteller on My Crush Bluebird Book

Base & Bling Filofax Charm

Base & Bling Keychain or Purse Charm
The following product information is from CTMH:

What material are the Base & Bling components made out of?
The Base & Bling bases, chains, and jump rings on the charms are made of steel. Base & Bling charms and pendants are made of zinc alloy. They are all lead-free. Item Z2034, faux antiqued gold oval cuff, and the faux antiqued gold pendants and charms contain no nickel. The faux antiqued silver pendants and charms do contain nickel, as well as items Z1940 (faux antiqued silver chain), Z1954 (faux antiqued gold chain), Z1978 (rhinestone charms), and Z2035 (faux antiqued silver oval cuff). Although the soldering is strong, intentional misuse or over-forcing joints where welded can cause the circle bases to break off.

What are the dimensions for the Base & Bling components?
Base & Bling Chain: 30" long with 2" extender and lobster claw clasp
Base & Bling Oval Pendants: 1" × 1⅜" inside dimension
Base & Bling Rectangle Pendants: 1" × 1⅜" inside dimension
Base & Bling Square Pendants: 1" inside dimension
Base & Bling Circle Pendants: 1" inside dimension
Base & Bling Oval Glass Covers: 1" × 1⅜"
Base & Bling Rectangle Glass Covers: 1" × 1⅜"
Base & Bling Square Glass Covers: 1"
Base & Bling Circle Glass Covers: 1"
Base & Bling Charms: Range in height from ⅜" to 1⅜"
Base & Bling Style Sheet stickers: 1" × 1" each
Base & Bling Oval Cuff: 1" × 1⅜" inside dimension

To purchase any of the Base & Bling products, please visit my website here.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you for visiting today.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Video of the Cardmaker's Contents of the New Consultant Kit from CTMH

Hi!  Just a quick post to share the video I made showing all of the goodies in the new CTMH Consultant's Kit that is specifically geared towards Cardmakers.

Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the new products or about becoming a CTMH Consultant.

Thank you for visiting today!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Art Philosophy for Quilting Motifs and a Free Quilt Pattern

77 x 93 Quilt Designed in EQ7

Hello!  I finally finished the quilt that my (now) 9 year old daughter wanted for her bed.  She and I designed it last year, using EQ7 to lay it out.  She loves the textural aspect of quilts and therefore wanted to have some large blocks for quilted butterflies and flowers to touch.

Finished size 77 x 88 after quilting and washing

This is a very easy quilt to piece; though there are some triangles where the bias edge is exposed until a border is added - so stretching can be an issue. I like to cut my borders from the length of the fabric, to minimize seams, so I end up purchasing a wee bit more fabric than is probably necessary.

Setting Triangle with Art Philosophy Stenciled Butterfly

For this quilt, EQ7 recommends purchasing the following amounts of fabric:

Outside border and sashing: 2 7/8 yard - Amy Butler Soul Peacock Feathers Rose (I bought 3 yards)
Inside border and 4-patches: 1 yard - Solid Orange (I bought 2 yards)
Sashing: 1 1/8 yard - Solid Bright Pink ( I bought 2 yards - used this for binding fabric, also)
4-patches: 3/8 yard - Solid Marigold (I bought 1 yard)
Setting triangles and 18 solid blocks: 1 3/4 yard - Solid Maize (I bought 2 yards)
14 solid blocks: 1 yard - Solid Light Pink

Butterfly cut with Cricut from cardstock  makes a great stencil
Backing fabric is 6 yards Riley Blake Willow Organic Large Medallion Yellow (not pictured)

The scrunchy look of a washed quilt
I wanted to use organic fabrics and found them online at  It seemed like a good idea to buy a little extra of some of the colors in case we changed our minds about their placement.  Also, when practicing quilting motifs, I like to use the same fabric as the real quilt, so I knew it wouldn't go to waste. (That is kind of a funny statement. I don't know any quilter who thinks having extra fabric is ever a "waste"!)

Art Philosophy Heart Stencil

I almost always cut or tear my border fabrics first.  The outer (print)  border is made of 6 1/2" strips. Two are 96" long and two are 80" long.  The inner (orange)  border is made of 2" strips cut at 63" and 78" - two of each. (The longer orange ones had to be pieced.)  These are for mitered borders and there will be excess because it is easier to cut away, than to add. :-)

There are 31 four patch blocks made with 2" strips of orange and marigold fabrics.  These finish at 3" blocks.

In addition, the outer 4-patch halves are made with 8 - 2" marigold squares and 8 - 2 3/8" orange squares cut in half, on the diagonal, to place on the end of the sashing strips that abut the inside border.
The other 4-patch halves are made with 10 - 2" orange squares and 10 2 3/8" marigold squares cut in half, diagonally.

The bright pink and print fabric sashing pieces are cut 2" x the width of the fabric. Then sewn together with 1/4" seams and then cut down to 8 1/2".  There are 80 sashing units.

The solid blocks are 8 1/2" squares. There are 14 light pink and 18 light yellow (Maize).  For the setting triangles, there are 4 - 12 1/2" Maize squares cut diagonally across both ways so that there will be 16 small triangles.  Only 14 are used, though. The corner triangles are made from 2 - 6 1/2" squares cut in half diagonally (one cut).  This nets 4 small triangles.
Anita Goodesign Quilting Design

I used Quilter's Dream 100% Cotton Select Queen-sized batting.  For the setting triangles, I used some leftover negative space cuts from the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge. This made perfect stencils for marking the quilt.  After quilting on the traced designs, I did a mini-stipple around the hearts and small butterflies.  The larger blocks were quilted using the machine embroidery attachment for my sewing machine with Anita Goodesign patterns.  The rest of the quilt was filled in with an easy meander.  If I were to do this type of quilt again, I think I would skip the machine embroidered part and use larger Art Philosophy-made stencils.

My next Art Philosophy Quilting Project will be cutting shapes for applique.  If you have done any applique or other types of quilting with your Cricut, I would love to hear about your projects!

Thank you for visiting today!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Video of The New CTMH Consultant's Kit for Scrapbookers

I made this video because one of my long distance customers was curious about the contents of the kit. Then it occurred to me that other people may want to see the new items as well. There are two kits, this one is geared towards scrapbookers.  The other kit is for card makers.  I hope to have a video posted, in about two weeks, that shows the items for the card kit.  Both kits can be used by scrapbookers and card makers alike, though.

The layouts in the video are from the new Chalk It Up Workshop On The Go.  All of the new products are currently available to consultants and will be available to customers beginning August 1, 2014.  (Except for the new CTMH/Cricut cartridge, which doesn't have a release date yet.)

The kit is $99 and is worth about $370.  New consultants can get the kit for FREE if they meet their Straight to the Top sales goal in the first 90 days after signing up with CTMH.  Please email me at with any questions or check out the information posted by CTMH here.

Thank you for visiting!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

How to Assemble CTMH's Post Bound Albums

Hi Scrapbookers!
Monica shows us how to assemble the My Legacy Album in the first video and the second video is about Spine Expanders.  The first video is geared towards consultants, so there is a discussion about using the album in a sales setting.  The information about assembling is worthwhile, so I am going to post it with the hope that all viewers understand why it is presented in this manner.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Simple, Easy Card

CTMH Picture My Life Card  Layered On Card Base
I love quick projects.  And ones that use up leftover supplies are even better!  This card was made with scraps of cardstock, B & T paper, a piece of ribbon, a couple of leftover punched butterflies, and a Picture My Life Balloon Ride 4 x 6 card (from CTMH's pocket scrapbooking program.)  The sentiment is from the Give a Lift stamp set.  To complete the look, I used a couple of old Durables studs that are self-adhesive and inked the edges of the card and the rounded pieces of paper. It took less than 10 minutes to make.  Which is less time than it would have taken to file all of the scraps away!

Thank you for visiting!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What Paper is the Best For Art Journaling?

All paper! Is my fast and simple answer.  However, it depends on the media used and the intended purpose of the finished piece.  For example, a flimsy booklet with a loose spine isn't likely to hold up to a lot of mixed media and multiple viewings.

In the video posted below, I discuss some of my favorite materials to use and the work-arounds for using lower cost materials or left-overs from other projects.

Here are a couple of altered Picture My Life cards from CTMH's pocket scrapbooking program that I used for Art Journaling in June.  They can be used in pocket page protectors or added to an Art Journal.

CTMH's PML Card Stamped, Colored, Painted

Picture My Life Card Used For Art Journaling

If you are new to art journaling, you may want to think about the types of supplies that you already own or that you know you are wanting to add to your tool-box.  If you like the clean and crisp look of pens or markers, than you would probably be very content with any number of journals with text-weight papers.  If your heart sings with the thought of sprays, paints and lots of dribbles of ink - you'll be happiest with a heavier weight paper made specifically for wet media.  Either way, have fun exploring what works for you!

Thanks for visiting today!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

CTMH Price Increase on August 1st.

There are a few items that will be increasing in price with the release of the new Idea Book in August.  If you have any of these items on your wishlist, you may want to get them prior to August 1, 2014 to avoid the increase.  This graphic was shared by my upline, who received it from a fellow consultant.  To shop for any of the items, please visit my website here.

If you make a $50 purchase you can receive this fantastic alphabet stamp set for $5 during the month of July.
CTMH Circus Alphabet July SOTM
Here is a video with some artwork from CTMH showcasing the set:

Thank you for visiting!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Retiring CTMH Items

The new Idea Book and Catalog will be coming out in August.  This means that there will be many new products available starting August 1 (including a new Cricut cartridge!) and some of the older products will need to be discontinued.  Please follow the link here  if you are interested in purchasing any of the following items.  They are available while supplies last and therefore some of the individual links may not work.

Retiring Items

1514 $8.95
A1143 $6.95
A1144 $6.95
A1145 $6.95
B1407 $9.95
B1411 $9.95
B1425 $9.95
B1426 $9.95
C1473 $13.95
C1510 $13.95
C1524 $13.95
C1555 $13.95
C1563 $13.95
D1483 $17.95
D1514 $17.95
D1551 $17.95
D1557 $17.95
D1564 $17.95
X5761 $14.50
X7171B $9.95
X7177B $9.95
X7177C $4.95
X7178B $9.95
X7178C $4.95
X7179B $9.95
X7179C $4.95
X7180C $4.95
X7181B $9.95
X7181C $4.95
X7182B $9.95
X7182C $4.95
X7183B $9.95
X7183C $4.95
Z1114 $5.95
Z1311 $12.95
Z1760 $7.95
Z1820 $8.95
Z1826 $3.95
Z1832 $4.95
Z1846 $6.95
Z1867 $7.95
Z1869 $4.95
Z1873 $5.95
Z1874 $5.95
Z1875 $4.95
Z1877 $4.95
Z1878 $4.95
Z1879 $5.95
Z1885 $8.95
Z1917 $3.95
Z1970 $8.95
Z1971 $8.95
Z3000 $5.95
Z3001 $5.95
Z3002 $5.95
Z3004 $5.95
Z3005 $5.95
Z3006 $4.95