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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Wellness Journal Part C - Example Pages and Printable Tracker List

There are a lot of pictures in this post.
Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Last weekend, my family and I went to the coast.  It was a beautiful getaway and we had a wonderful, relaxing, mini-vacation.  We drove to the coast so I knew there would be space for some art supplies. In addition to a package of rolls of washi tape, that is not pictured, the box below shows the materials that I brought to use.  As it turned out, I did not end up using everything I brought.

Travel box of supplies for the weekend
To read more about the idea behind, and some resources for, a Wellness Journal please look at these two posts, here and here. In the first one, I give an example of a time management technique and the second one, I share more specific information about a couple of dimensions of wellness.

In the evenings and early mornings, I spent a little bit of time putting my Wellness Journal together. When I was organizing how to set everything up, I decided that it would be more convenient to have a separate tracker for food and water consumption that I could keep in the kitchen.  And one that it didn't matter if someone splattered spaghetti sauce upon. For that purpose, I chose an old Composition notebook, pictured below. 

From the clearance section at Target a couple of years ago

Water and food tracker on composition paper

As time goes on, I might draw lines for columns for the days of the week.  Right now, they are just divided by open space in-between the washi tape days. The little scale and glasses of water to color in or mark off, are stamped images. This format gives me plenty of space to write down what I eat each day. Now, onto the main tracker/journal...

For my main record keeping, I decided to go with a Rhodia Dot Pad. I like the size of it and the dots.  Both sides of the pages have dots. I like to use things all the way up, so this will work for at least a year. Also, it is easy to remove pages, as needed. This type of paper works very well for bullet journaling, too.

Rewards that are meaningful to me written over a stenciled woman from StencilGirl
On the very first page, I listed some rewards that I may earn by achieving some of my goals.  Sometimes, it is nice to have a reward after working to achieve something.  Sometimes, the reward is in the achievement.  A lot of that has to do with mindset and effort, in my opinion.  And everyone is different in how important rewards are to them.

This is a double-page spread for my gratitude practice
The next page is used for recording daily gratitude reminders.  I kept the lefthand-side page blank so that there would be space for an entire month's worth of little hearts.  Those were leftover from a project made a long time ago.  At the time, I cut an entire 12 x 12 cardstock sheet (or maybe two) using my Cricut and the Art Philosophy Cartridge.

This is the back page of the gratitude page and opposite the main tracking page
Next, I want to track my fruit and vegetable intake.  There is a lot of conflicting information about whether 5 a day is enough fruit and veg or if it should be 7 or 10.  Some people say 5 is not necessary.  At this point in my life, 5 seems like a good number. So, for now, I am sticking with that.  If modifications seem necessary, it will be easy to do those down the line.

This is the busiest page because I wanted a one-page, at-a-glance type tracker
The first page with dates attributed to it starts in the middle of the year. That may seem strange.  However, we are halfway into the year and I like the idea of beginning something new at this point in the year. It seems less 'resolution-y.' So, all of that to say that means July is when I am beginning my trackers.
Goals have to be measurable and have a timeframe
The next set of pages are "Goals."  These are short or long term specific goals.  There are also some on-going goals for leading a healthy, happy life.  Most goals are measurable and have an end date.  Some are broad in scope.  This is another area that can be tweaked as time goes on.  Hopefully, some of the tweakings will have to do with re-evaluating specifics or having met some of the goals along the way.
Washi tape used to divide the paper and make columns.

Lastly, here is a list of items that might be useful to track.  Please feel free to use it as you work on your own journal.  And, if you think of something that you think should be included, please let me know.
Tracker Suggestions for Bullet or Wellness Journal

Sometimes all we can ask of ourselves is that we make the effort and do the best we can. We are going to make mistakes. That is ok.  With that in mind, I thought I'd share this picture I snapped a couple of weeks ago in the Target parking lot:

Being Ok is good enough!

All the best to you!  Let me know how things are going for you. Please leave a comment or email me at

Most of the items used are from my stash.  However, here are some items that are currently available:

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